No Room for Books

Madrid, Spain
4 december 2015 – 15 January 2016

Feira Plana – Biennal Building
Sao Paulo, Brazil
17 – 19 march 2017



“I have no time for books” said the French Minister of Education in autumn of 2014. She declared that since she start- ed her job she had not had time to read a book. This controversial statement triggered a question about the status of books today. It seems as if the frantic rhythm of our current lifestyles was the main reason for the lack of reading; the lack of time. Nevertheless we would like to propose a slightly different question, what if the problem is not a matter of time but space? what place do books have today?

From a metaphorical and material point of view No Room for Books is an invitation to reflect upon this matter. It is a starting point to think about the formats and the places in which books manifest themselves nowadays. The hinge that appears in the merging of digital and analogue technologies shows us it is not a mere systematic translation of the book from its physical support to a digital one. Each medium has its own specificities and there is always something lost in translation.

This project does not pretend to show the dichotomies between analogue and digital but to dive into the concept of postdigital that Alessandro Ludovico develops in his book Post Digital Print and that designates the moment where analogue and digital cohabit and combine themselves leading to a richer spectrum of possibilities and formats. Some of the questions we approach in this project are: how do publications appear today? Which physical and symbolic places do they occupy? Where and how can we read them? Which dilemmas and new policies raise from these formats?





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